Echo Alpha, or "Seminary Sessions"

by Nick Fed

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released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Nick Fed Ohio

Don't give up, you got the music in you.
I'm in love with love and the idea of something binding us together, you know that love is strong enough.

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Track Name: Liars Go To Hell
down where there's dancing, there is a bridge over the river wide
catches on fire, your candlelight stick doesn't burn on both sides
the feeling is hers or the feeling is mine, but never at the same time

i don't know the reasons why
your secrets have crossed the line
guess we should say goodbye

only get static, you won't pick up the signals i'm sending down
run to the attic, the skylight you know, clear all the cobwebs out
sun on your shoulders, sand in your shoes, but you don't wanna swim
but the water's too cold and i'm not too old for me to dive right in

i don't know the reasons why
your secrets have crossed the line
guess we should say goodbye
Track Name: Serenade 2k10
waiting like a fool in the front of my car, said you’d be right here
but your phone just rings, I don’t know where you are, suddenly it’s all clear

serenade, i was the one you played
serenade, foolish the plans i laid
i don't know what to do
i don't know how to lose
and so i throw to you

drinking like you've drowned, you can't stand up straight
as you grabbed my side
you said you'd take me home and you couldn't wait
til someone better arrived

my night was fine
til you arrived
i will survive
i just can't get back my time

Track Name: Waking Up With You
i don’t know why i’m awake
it’s a saturday at 8
the birds sing through the yellow blinds
the light projects to my eyes
though the day is far from through
just so much of this is blue
i just wish that i could be waking up with you

i don’t know why i’m afraid
my debts are never paid
she stays high with a bedroom song
i’m not sure if i belong
though the disconnects are few
i just don’t know what to do
to make it so i’ll be waking up with you
Track Name: Where Do I
we meet asunder, surprised you look so fine
the streets are numbered, but our days are all in line

where do i turn to when i try to run away?
who i return to when I’m trying to explain?

I’ve got this return, but i ain’t got many plans
warm wind that won’t burn, but it feels right in my hands

i try to run away, but every time that i see you, makes me wish that i was here to stay
Track Name: Sycophant
Am I a mastermind playing dumb, or a disorganized kind of chum?
I’ve got a song I just need to sing, but I can’t do jack without all of my things
get ready for me i’m coming to your town
so you better get free, move your plans around
best part of the whole, now you’re paying my toll
and if you do it my way we’ll turn this straw into gold

i’m so cool, pay attention to me