by Nick Fed

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released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Nick Fed Ohio

Don't give up, you got the music in you.
I'm in love with love and the idea of something binding us together, you know that love is strong enough.

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Track Name: Lost
i lost my car keys
between the carpet and my pocket
i got a last lead
but i can't seem to unlock it
i left a straight line
between my car and my appointment
must've busted my spine
cause now my bones are all disjointed

i found a pathway
between caution and desertion
and all the red tape
is where the boss disturbed its working

and they say it happens all the time
just never thought your laughing would be mine
and they say to seek and you shall fine
just never thought the lost would be so kind
Track Name: Mockery
showed up in some sneakers and a cap
jumping off the nothing on my back (it's nothing)
we can turn you into a charade
all you gotta do is change

if you're gonna take it out on me
just explain why you make a mockery

winding worry lines upon your face
cause you fail to find amazing grace (it's something)
narrow glasses in a world too wide
you just need to give it time

if you're gonna take it off of me
all i ask is that you really see
Track Name: Diamond in the Rough
i must admit that i never cared
about the brand of shoes i'd wear
just as long as they'd take me where there's a light
when your plans didn't go so well
someone's hands would give you hell
and push you down to swell at a lower height

and i hear what you say but i'm not inclined to believe you
i could just walk away with my eyes too tired to see you

so when you reach for a little help (!)
it's all there sitting on the shelf
to dress you up in someone else's clothes
and when the rain comes to wash you down
it goes okay with what you picked out
your fancy gown will wave as the wind blows

so don't take it to heart
when they cut you apart
you're just a diamond in the rough
they won't take it too far
when they change who you are
you're just a diamond in the rough
Track Name: Lancaster
cars fall like rain down a gray interstate
stay in my lane til the signs look the same
times will change but i'll remain this way
orange fuzzy lights drifting lines around my eyes
five's not much time to have to rise and then to drive
times will change but i'll remain this way
Track Name: Up Off the Floor
just a little flashback to get it on the right track again, my friend
chip upon your shoulder won't stop you getting older
instead you're dead
fresh out of your AP past the grasp of history you know just so
dressed up for the first day, wait until they pull away to go on with the show
this is not my time anymore, it's yours, so get up off the floor